Clearwater County Daytrips

We are excited to share insider day trip information… this is the stuff only the locals know about!!!

Best Day Trips from Orofino Idaho – Explore Clearwater County

Do you love a good road trip?  We do!  Clearwater County is a cool place to explore, within a few hours, you can get a variety of landscapes, beautiful waterways and tons of wildlife.  We have included trips to nearby Peck Idaho (7 miles from Orofino); Elk River Idaho (36.6 miles from Orofino); Pierce Idaho (37 miles from Orofino); and Weippe Idaho (36 miles from Orofino)…. contact us at 208-476-4335 for any additional information you desire you can’t find here!

    Area Daytrip & Event Updates

    Here are the most recent updates we have from our surrounding communities!

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